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3 Ways to Get Your Website to Rank Better on Google

3 Ways to Get Your Website to Rank Better on Google

If you’ve got a website, then you certainly want it to perform for you, right?

Why have a website if nobody is going to come to it, and take the actions that you had anticipated for once they get there. But before anyone can take any sort of actions on your website, they’ve got to get to your website.

To get to your website, they’ve got to be able to find that website. To find that website they’ll likely go to Google or another search engine (but usually Google!) and type in some keywords, and hopefully…if they’re typing in keywords for the niche of your website…your site will pop up.

That’s the ideal scenario.

Unfortunately far too many people create websites, and then don’t do what needs to be done for their website to be found in the search engines. This is usually because they don’t create their website correctly in the first place, and then they don’t take subsequent actions to make Google like their site, and rank it!!

The 3 Main Elements That MUST Be Present for People to Come to Your Website

When it comes to getting your site ranked, you need to have certain SEO (Search Engine Optimization) elements in place. Many people are mistaken in thinking that they simple have to get their website online, and then Google will magically appear and rank it.

Unfortunately it’s not like that. There’s a ton of competition fighting it out for the top spots in the rankings. So you’ve got to stay on top of the game.

Of course in the world that we now live in, people use the internet for finding your business or class of business more than anything else. In other words, being in the phone book listings simply isn’t even close to enough anymore.

So how do you get Google and the other search engines to rank your site so that customers and potential customers can find you?

3 Elements to Help Google Rank Your Site Higher

Element #1 – Your Content Must Be Congruent and Plentiful…

Your content is likely MUCH more important than you think it is. This is why carefully planning your content, your keywords, and how you’re going to add these elements is vital if you’re serious at all about getting people to visit your website. Being that you’re in business and have a website, I would think that you ARE serious about this…

But there’s a fine line that you’ve got to walk. Gone are the days that you can simply stuff a bunch of keywords onto your site, and trick Google into ranking it highly. You now must have not only relevant, but also high-quality content on your site…which again…lets Google know exactly what your site is about, as well as what your site might be about!

In other words, if your site sells shoes and bags, you’d better let Google know that with your content.

The truth is this isn’t easy, and gets harder all the time with Google’s constant updates and algorithm changes. That’s why it’s important to have someone who knows what they’re doing create dynamic content for you. At ETS we can do that for you… and we’ve proven over and over that Google loves our content. Call now for help… +66(0)846 530330

Element #2 – Structuring Your Site Correctly for On-Page SEO…

Believe it or not the way that your site is constructed…as far as coding goes…will help (or hurt if done incorrectly) your site’s rankings.

Your site’s content helps in this as mentioned before, but there are many other elements that go along with making sure that your site is in the best light as far as Google’s eyes go…

There are of course certain elements that you may have heard of that still count such as meta-tags, title page, headers, etc. But there are other little tricks to the trade, that can truly only be understood and applied correctly, if you know what you’re doing with coding. These are the little nuances that make huge differences.

If you feel like your on-page optimization might be lacking, we’d love to take a look under the hood of your website and see what might be wrong. Give us a call now at +66(0)846 530330…

Element #3 – Off-Page SEO Tactics That Show Your Website is Worthy of Google’s Attention…

So once you’ve gotten your site structured correctly, with all of the content working at its optimal rate for you, and your coding giving your site that extra SEO power…then you’ve got to start the off-page madness.

Off page optimization is what very often kills a sites chances for ranking when it comes to competition. There are many things involved here, but the most important of all of course is backlinking.

Backlinks are other websites that have a link on their site pointing to yours. Google and the other search engines sort of view your backlinks as a vote. But at the same time, all backlinks are far from equal. There are certain backlinks, from certain websites that you want to get, and then there are others that you want to avoid.

It can be rather confusing because it does change quite often.

So this is what you’re facing if you want a website that does what it’s supposed to do which is give you exposure, new business, repeat business…and overall higher profits!!

It’s a pretty big task, and while there are people out there who can and do take care of all of this by themselves, the truth is that if done correctly…it’s a full time job all in itself.

If you’d rather do what you do BEST and run your business, servicing your existing customers…then you might want to give us at ETS a risk free call and let’s talk about our team doing all of the tedious stuff for you. Give us a call now +66(0)846 530330

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