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ETS Website Relaunch

ETS Website Relaunch

We’re Back Online and Ready to Move Your Business and Web Presence Forward…

Thanks for visiting the new ETS website!

This is a big and rather busy time for us since we’ve just gone though a major website update. While we enjoyed the journey and getting a brand new look and motivation…we’re happy to be able to focus solely on YOU and your needs.

This is a new beginning for us!

New beginnings usually mean new focuses and habits, and ours will be giving you the most up to date tips and advice for your local business, so that you can always stay ahead of the game in your market.

If your business is important to you, and carrying over those business principles to the internet is something that you want to expand on (which it should be if you want to beat your competition) then you should stay current with this Blog.

We’ll be giving you some of the most cutting edge strategies to outsmart, out-market, and out maneuver your competition…bringing in higher profits for your business.

These tips and this advice will be provided weekly on this page. This will be information that you can use right away and be much more effective with your web presence and your online marketing efforts including…

• How to expand your local reach with your website…
• How to get higher search rankings…
• How to get customers to come back more often…
• How to utilize social marketing to build and keep your brand in customer’s minds…
• And much, much more!!…

You’ve probably got some very big plans for this year with your business. You likely want to make this year better than last!

We’re here to help!

To never miss a post…and stay completely up to date…go subscribe right away to this blog. You’ll be emailed every time we add a new post, with new business building tip for you.

A Look at Your Website Now…

Does your business have a website at this time?

If not…why not?

Many people make the mistake of thinking that just because they’re a brick and mortar business…where customers and clients generally walk in from the street…that they don’t need a web presence. You might think that having a website is for online businesses only…or that having one will just complicate things.

The truth is that every business in this day and age needs a website. Not having or one or an online presence nowadays is almost like not being in the phone book years ago…or worse…not even having a phone!!

It doesn’t have to be complicated. People very well may not actually shop on your website. They may not make online orders. But you can bet that they’re going to search online to find your business, find your phone number, your store hours, and what you have to offer.

This is the world we live in. People don’t leave the house until they check with Google first. If you’re not there, and your competition is…then that’s where they’ll be going.

Is Your Website Performing As Well As it Could Be?

Just having a website doesn’t guarantee results however. Your website needs to get seen by people searching the internet for your website. On the other hand, your conversion rate may be low simply because of the way that your website is set up, or how the content on your site speaks to your visitors.

Does it compel them to act? Does it make them want to call? Can they even find your phone number to call? Etc. The list goes on.

We’ll talk more about all of that in the weeks and months to come.

Thanks for coming by and seeing our new site. Come back often, as we will be adding more and more tips and advice…often!!

Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog so that you won’t miss any of these tips. You don’t want your competition getting the jump on your business because they saw this stuff first!!

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