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ETS App Development Koh SamuiIf you’re a business today without a Mobile App…then you’re falling behind. There’s no other way to say it.

Mobile Apps are becoming essential to your business plan. Not only because your competition is going mobile, but because of the way in which people use technology, and search and surf the internet.

More and more people are using their smart phones for searching the internet every single day. In fact 1 and 5 people use their smart phone to do a search on Google. Therefore having a mobile App attached to your business and available is going to skyrocket your potential… as well as help existing clients find and engage with your business.

Whether you’re business is a local, global, or both, your mobile app can have a profound affect for your bottom line. Having your App developed for your business will open up new and exciting marketing opportunities for you, and allow you to engage your audience with laser targeting.

Why ETS is Your Mobile App Solution…

We have a pool of highly skilled, talented and dedicated developers and programmers with experience in creating applications on the most popular mobile platforms, while providing an A to Z solution for all of our clients.

Whether you need an App for:

  • Apple Products (iPhone/iPad (iOS)…
  • Android Devices…
  • Windows Mobile…
  • Blackberry…

Our developers will take care of you!

ETS App Development Koh Samui

Is a Mobile App Right for Me?

This is certainly the time of the mobile App. In much the same way a website is essential for any business today… utilizing a mobile app – or a mobile version of your website – will be just as essential in the near future for competing in your marketplace. An app has the ability to help you reach as many potential customers as possible.

So if you’re looking to make a big statement with your business, whether you’re looking to create a Business App, a Productivity App, an Entertainment App, Geography App, News App, Educational App…you name it…ETS can give you a very professional sleek app to fit your needs.

Mobile Enabled Websites

Of course not every business is the same. If you’re a smaller business, with a smaller budget… or if you’re business is one that simply doesn’t have a need for a mobile app, then you should certainly consider a website which is enabled for mobile.

ETS App Development Koh SamuiAgain, we live in a time where the growth for mobile usage is constantly increasing, and many businesses are finding that their websites simply don’t work properly for mobile device visitors.

Your site may look funny, off-size, off-center, or just plain doesn’t work on a mobile phone or tablet. That’s because your site was coded and designed to function and look good on a computer screen.

But for the searcher on their mobile phone, searching for your niche (or going directly to your website) he or she will simply leave if your site is not showing correctly on their device. Unfortunately with the internet and our fast paced society, when someone leaves your site – they’re simply off to the next one that does actually work, and are likely never to return to yours.

Therefore, if a mobile app isn’t something that you feel is necessary, looking instead for a mobile enabled website should be your next step.

Talk to our experts today to find out which one is best for you.

If your site isn’t mobile ready, you’re likely losing business.

We Work With You On Your Apps to Give you Precisely What You Want and Need…

When you hire us to design your mobile app or mobile enabled website, your business quickly becomes our business. As we begin we will sit with you and find out exactly what it is that you’re looking for. We will take your needs and expectations, along with our expertise, and map out a plan for creating the best app possible for you.

We understand that you have your needs, but we also understand that you are a business servicing other people’s needs as well. Therefore we do our best to make sure that you’re happy and that your customers will be happy as well when utilizing our creations.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re looking to tweak an existing application or website, or start from scratch with a brand new one…we will work with you from A to Z.

If you have any questions, or if you’re ready to get started with your new mobile app, then contact us today!

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