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Simple advice to increase your Web Sales

Simple advice to increase your Web Sales


As a small business owner, it’s likely that you’re not as experienced in marketing…or more specifically direct and internet marketing… as you are in direct sales.

Is there a difference? Unfortunately too many local business owners feel like there’s not, but the truth is that there’s a major difference.

One of the biggest undertakings you might take with your marketing is with your website. If you don’t have a website yet you’ll want to get one created VERY soon. If you already have one…then you’re likely making a major copywriting mistake that tons of business owners make.

Unfortunately it’s a mistake that stifles conversions, as well as stifles calls into your business, purchases, service requests, etc. In other words, making this mistake creates a huge loss of potential profits for your business.

What’s the Big Mistake That Small Local Business Owners Make With Their Website?

First of all, let’s get inside the mind of your prospective or returning customers for a minute. No matter what kind of business that you’re in, what do you think is the most prominent thing on your customer’s mind when he’s on your website?

I’ll tell you right now that although you might like to think that it’s YOU and your business…the truth is that it’s THEMSELVES!!

That’s right…though your customer is on YOUR website… the prominent thought and person in their mind is themselves…

So then why are they on your website?

Because they think that you might be able to help THEM!!

Of course as a business owner you could get upset about that fact…or simply accept it and move on with a plan to take that fact into account, figure out ways that you can help your visitors best…therefore turning it into an advantage and profit for yourself.

2 Ways to Tap Into Your Website Visitor’s Inherent Selfishness!!…

Usually the copywriting on a business website is done all wrong. Why?

Because most often nearly every bit of the website copy is written talking selfishly about the business. You might go on and on about how great your service is. You might talk about your rewards. You might talk about how you think you’re special because you’re open on Sundays or Mondays while nobody else is.

But when you consider the fact that your customers and website visitors are concerned mainly about themselves, and you’re writing mainly about YOURSELF on your website…you might start to understand the conflict! So…

Tip #1: Make Your Customer the Center of Your Website Copy…

One of the best things that you can do when writing your copy, is to go through and find out how many times you referenced yourself in the copy with the word “I” or “we” and how many times you refrenced your customer with the word “YOU”.

Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you should be using the word YOU much more!! This lets your customer know that you’ve got them in your mind and you care about THEM!! Furthermore that you care about them much more than you do yourself.

Tip #2: Lead with Benefits…

This goes into the same thought process, only a little bit more specifically.

What I mean by benefits is that you should talk about all of the ways that your service or product will help your customer, rather than the features of the product or service.

In other words…if you sell drills…your customer truly cares less about the drill that you sell, than they do about the hole that the drill will make. They care about results rather than features.

Another example: Let’s say you’re a painter. What do your customers care about more…the amazing type of fast-drying paint that you use, or do they care more about how they’ll be able to get back in their home…back to a normal life…and a newly painted beautiful home that they can show off FASTER?

If you figured the latter then you’re correct. Can you see the difference?

In the first instance you’re talking about a feature of the pain that you’re using, whereas in the second instance you’re telling them how that feature benefits them!

That’s the key to overcoming the huge mistake that small and local business owners make. It’s also the way to increasing your conversions, sales, and repeat customers in a huge way!

If you need help… or if copywriting isn’t your thing…then let us at ETS know and one of our expert copywriters will definitely spruce up your copy…no matter how bad. Call us now and find out how we can work together – +66(0)846 530330

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