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The graphic design that you choose to represent your business is much more important than you probably realize.

Most people believe that graphic design is simply a matter of putting shapes, lines, and colors together. However it’s far more important than just that.

Actually there are some deeply psychological elements to your design choices. By that we mean that the design you choose could very well increase or decrease your conversion rates. Furthermore, testing has proven that one small tweak or color change can drastically change your profit margin in certain cases.

It’s far more reaching than most people understand. That’s why our graphic design process is so very important because by understanding your business, we can understand what kinds of images and colors will have the best affect on YOUR market.

All markets are unique, and what works in one market may very well not work…or even turn off another market completely.

At ETS we work with some of the best minds in graphic design who fundamentally understand these processes, and can help your business brand by identifying what will work.

We go well beyond simple website graphics. Whether it’s:

• Business identity and branding…
• Print media…
• Video…
• Or web…

…ETS can help get your message out there.

Our Approach to Your Graphic Design Project…

We’ve developed a unique and highly effective design process, which takes your ideas from concept to creation in 5 simple steps:

Step 1 – You Contact ETS with your Ideas

It’s actually quite simple to get started on your project. You first need to simply contact ETS with your Graphic Design requirements, filling us in on the specifications of your ideas.

To do this you need to just fill out the form below. You’ll want to include as much detail as you can. Some people of course prefer to speak to a real person, and we welcome that. Simply give us a call at +66(0)846 530330 and talk to us about your project.

Our professional and friendly staff of graphic design experts will walk you through your ideas, and gather detailed notes so that they can give you the best finished product possible.

Step 2 – We Begin the Initial Design Concepts

Our team will go to work to start creating samples that incorporate the ideas that you’ve given to us.

Of course we’ll give you multiple sample concepts, different enough for you to distinguish a clear favorite. Depending on the type of work and time constraints you may have, we’ll produce up to 3 examples for you to preview.

If you’re happy with the samples, then we’ll be ready to proceed to Step 3, and if not, we’ll go back to the proverbial drawing board…or in this case step one…to get further in depth information from you that will get us closer to what you’re after.

It’s vitally important to us that you’re completely happy with the concept designs and that we’re heading in the direction that you were envisioning.

Step 3 – Reviews and Revisions

Now that you’ve seen and reviewed our initial designs, we’ll begin on the final graphics. At this time we’ll begin to add detail and make any changes that you’ve requested in the review process.

Once again we’ll let you review your new graphics, and advise us on any final changes that you feel are necessary.

Step 4 – Creating the Final Draft!

This will be the point at which we’ll have completed the majority of the creative work on your graphics. We’ll then submit these graphics to you for your final review and approval.

At this point we advise that you’re very specific about any fine details that you need changed, and very forthcoming about your opinion of these final drafts. We want to ensure that you’re ultra happy about the quality that you’re about to receive. That’s the most important thing in the world to ETS. Not just your satisfaction. We want you to be ecstatic!

Step 5 – Your Graphics Are Ready! You Receive your Graphic Designs

We’ll send your final designs through on either email, dvd, bluray or via our direct download from our secure server. Each will be supplied in a variety of formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, EPS and others on request.

We’ll walk you through this step to make sure that you’re able to complete this process with no problem whatsoever. We understand the technical aspects of this…while simple…may frighten some. So we’re here to help you get through it with flying colors.

So there you go, that’s our 5 step system, developed to make this a very comfortable process for you.

Our aim is to have you never consider anybody else for your graphics but us again. We always appreciate referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations…however…we know that we have to earn that, and enjoy working hard to do so.

If you’re ready to get started at Step 1, then go ahead and contact one of our expert graphic design staff now.

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