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One of the greatest thing that you can do to truly make your website stand-out, and be noticeably unique to visitors and users… is to make it interactive and as clear as possible that you’ve got live website support available at all times for your visitors.

There are different reasons for this. But the main one is that when your visitors know that they’ve got help sitting right there when they need it while using your site, it creates a positive feeling about your business. It lets them know that you truly do care about your visitors and customers.

Furthermore, word of mouth about this aspect of your business will travel quickly. Bottom line, things like live website support may seem small to you, but to prospects and customers, it’s huge!!

ETS offers well trained, and specifically knowledgeable online chat agents. Our online chat agents can be highly effective for your pre-sales and post-sales support, plus can increase conversion for any of your marketing campaigns.

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Intelligent Highly Trained Chat Agents

ETS puts technological and innovative solutions at your fingertips to assist in your sales, marketing and support requirement.

We will plug our state-of-the-art software straight into your website (or if you prefer we can simply host it for you).

All our chat agents who operate our chat windows have been meticulously recruited and have gone through vigorous training. We ensure each and every agent is highly knowledgeable and conversant with your company details, policies and procedure, and of course your products or services.

Campaign Performance Reporting

You’ll receive comprehensive reports and statistics on both your agent and site performance. This will let you know exactly how effective your current marketing campaigns are, and where they lack.

No marketing campaign is as good as it can be right out of the gate. So utilizing our reporting will increase your conversions, allowing you to fine-tune the weaker areas of your campaign.

Even if you’ve already got tons of analysis reports coming in, the fact is that when you’ve got a live support agent, recording everything that visitors do in real time, it will open your eyes to a whole new world of analysis!

Proactive Tracking in Real Time Creates an Increase in Income…

Imagine how helpful it will be to have a pro-active agent watching your visitor’s activity, and engaging them in real time?

When you enter a regular brick and mortar business, what’s usually the first thing that happens? (At least in a good brick and mortar business)… They come and greet you with a friendly “hello, how can I help you” right? With proactive tracking, your website visitors can receive that same exact treatment.

Our active agents will then stand by to provide your visitors with assistance as needed.

What if your website is an ecommerce store? Our agents can stand by and quickly and gently request your visitors to give a quick reason why they’re exiting so quickly. Knowing why people leave your website prematurely gives you insight that you could never get any other way. You can’t correct the problems that you don’t know exist. That won’t any longer be a problem for you once you’ve got live agent support on hand.

Perhaps your content is not steering them in the right direction. Through an exit interview, the live chat agent will find out exactly where things went wrong, and perhaps even steer them back so that they will buy after all.

Find out What Is Working, and What’s Not on Your Site!

The chat agents will actively track each of your visitors and therefore tell you which pages on your website are performing well and which are performing poorly. Actually with the live website support, everything a visitor to your site does…every move they make…can be recorded and analyzed. This will let you restructure your website if need be, and make fine tuning tweaks that will correct any problems.

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Live Chat Agents Can Assist Right Away With Any Technical Glitches…

No longer will you have to find out about technical glitches the hard way…after tons of sales have already been lost. As soon as there’s a technical glitch, your visitors will have the option for…and will very likely use the chat box to speak with a live agent.

Having our live chat agents available to capture these little glitches in real time decreases the chance that the visitor will just pick up and leave so quickly. Where they’d normally just go straight to the top right corner of the browser and ‘x’ out…now they’ll simply ask for help… saving the sell. In other words our live chat agents will intervene on your behalf.

Here’s a Great Example of How a Live Agent Can Help

Time after time our surveys have shown that a large number of people will try to use a discount…often not realizing that the offer has expired.

Even more telling is the data of our surveys which shows that most people are hugely disappointed by the fact that this discount is no longer valid and being accepted, and therefore will abruptly try to exit, without making the purchase.

Therefore we always ask our clients to go ahead and grant our agents the permission to extend the expiration date of any discount coupon that’s expired within a week’s time of attempted use.

Whenever a visitor then tries using an expired discount coupon, our live agents will simply proactively step in on your behalf, and validate the expired offer. This therefore saves the sell, and of course gives your customer a great feeling about your business…which will then lead to repeat sells and a high chance of unsolicited word-of-mouth marketing.

Live Chat Agents Reassure Your Customer’s Making Them Feel Secure About Their Purchase

Once your customer has made a successful purchase at your website, and are ready to exit…our live agent can step in on your behalf, and thank your customer for their purchase.

To give them more peace of mind, our agents will remind the customer of what will appear on their credit card statement, and like any good salesperson in a brick and mortar, our agent will let the customer know that their purchase will be shipped out as quickly as possible.

In most cases, a website is a lonely place. There’s usually NO interaction. The purchaser is left there to worry and wonder about their purchase, and whether or not it even went through.

When you’ve got the live agent available, that human element comes back…and it’s what people are used to and what makes them comfortable. And again it gives you the chance to immediately see results and what is working or not working with your current marketing campaigns…which at the end of the day…increases sales and customer satisfaction in a huge way.

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