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If you’re looking to start utilizing video marketing for your business, then you’re definitely on the right track. On the other hand if you’ve never considered it, then it’s time you do.

Video marketing is one of the greatest ways available to connect with your audience. This is an ultra responsive media form. It captivates your audience, brings you right to the forefront of their minds, and in this day and age… it’s easier than ever to get your audience to immediately react to your videos.

You may want to consider a few facts as well when it comes to video marketing…

• Alexa.com tells us that YouTube is the 3rd most visited website on the entire internet…
• YouTube gets 4 billion + video views every single day…
• YouTube has now become the second largest and most frequented search engine on the planet…

Furthermore video has been proven time and time again to create immediate rapport… delivering traffic which converts at astounding rates…

But there are many more uses for video than just YouTube. Having a video on your website increases time on site, as well as increases your chances to rank higher in the search engines. When done correctly video adds to your credibility and trustworthiness in your website visitors minds.

How We Approach Your Video Marketing Needs

We approach your video marketing in much the same way that we approach all of our services. We don’t claim to be experts in your industry or on your business. You know your business best, and we know that. Our job is to pick your brain and instill as much of your knowledge as we can into your videos, in a way that we know increases viewer activity, engagement, and conversions to the highest degree possible.

Therefore we have a uniquely defined process which is described below…

Step 1 – Project Research

First thing is first, and that’s to work with you and define exactly what type of video you are looking to create. There are various types of videos and each one has a purpose and function. These videos include animated info videos, live videos, simple screencast type videos, humorous videos, serious and informative, or a combination of those and more…

Of course ultimately all your videos main purpose is to create trust, branding, and sales.
It’s likely that you already have a vision of your video(s) in your mind. Whatever your vision is for the final product, we want to make sure our goals are in synch.

Step 2 – Scripting and Creative Input

The script of your video is the most crucial element. This is what gets the message that you want to convey across to the viewer. The trick is to have a dynamic script that does not sound scripted, but sounds more “off the cuff.”

You want to keep viewers engaged and this means keeping the script relevant and sometimes adding humor and other emotional elements that hold the viewers attention. Attention spans are shorter than ever these days, especially online, so you need to have impact throughout your video.

You’re always welcome to provide us with your own script. It’s important to note however that our specialists know what works and can create a script for you which has the most impact possible.

If you’re ready to get started on your video project call us and let’s start devising a plan. +66(0)846 530330

Step 3 – Style Frames and Storyboarding

A style frame is a single frame of a video that allows you to see exactly what the final product will look like.

A storyboard is a written and visual outline of your video (typically delivered as a PDF).

The style frame and storyboard process helps us make sure the visual style and progression of the video match up with your expectations. It also helps minimize surprises and revisions once the video is complete.

These are the very same steps that major motion pictures and television shows go through when creating videos. Again, we need to hold the attention of your audience, and remain within your vision and goals for your videos.

Step 4 – Voiceover Recording

Your informative video will need a voiceover narrator to transmit your message to the viewer. This voiceover comes standard with your video at ETS. You’ll choose the voice that fits your brand best. We then upload the audio file for you so you can request changes as needed.

If you need or have a specific voiceover type in mind, let us know and we’ll locate the right talent for your project.

We’re here to work with you in EVERY way that we can.

Step 5 – Video Production

Once the voiceover and storyboard are complete and approved, we go straight to work on the first draft of your video. When it’s ready, we’ll upload it so you can easily provide comments and suggestions so that we can get your video exactly to where it needs to be.

Each video project comes standard with two rounds of revisions.

Step 6 – Sound Effects and Enhancements

Once our animators and editors have put on the finishing touches to your video, our professional sound designer then goes to work to add sound effects and music to bring your video to life. This creates the professional look and energy that keeps your audience riveted.

This is usually the stage where people realize that they’ve now got a very high quality video on their hands to brand their business. The whole process is exciting, but this is the point when you smile widely.

Step 7 – Publishing and Marketing Your Video to the World for Ultimate Exposure…

Upon final approval, we’ll send over the completed video in the file type of your choice (typically .mov or .mp4).

We can also help steer you in the right direction to publish it on YouTube or Vimeo, assist you in the setup of video hosting and analytics, and optimize it for search engine results. All of this is vital for your video to get an audience.

The fact is that once your video is complete, the work is just beginning now to spread the word about your business, and milk your video for all that it’s worth.

That’s the name of the marketing game. Please talk to our professionals about options to market your videos to their fullest extent.

If you’re ready to get started with your first video project, or even if you just have an idea for a video and you want to go over that idea with professionals then please contact ETS right away. The sooner you start, the faster your video gets out to the world, and the potential to increase your business rises by leaps and bounds.

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