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Your Business on the Web – Helping Your Visitors Find You

Your Business on the Web – Helping Your Visitors Find You

If you’re a business owner, what are the most important things that should happen once a person gets to your website?

Perhaps it’s either calling you or going on to visit your place of business?

Well… that’s certainly what it should be.

But far too often, we come across websites upon which it’s truly difficult to find out how to contact the business itself. Why so many business owners would want their visitors to work so hard just to find their phone number and address is difficult to fathom.

That’s the reason you have a website!!

Getting in to Your Customer’s Mind…

Let’s make this simple. Let’s say you’re a restaurant owner with a basic website for your business. So let’s say that someone has found your website online. Now…if they’ve found you, you know a couple things about this visitor. Either they’re hungry now and want to eat…or they’re planning on being hungry and eating very soon.

In fact you never know…they may be planning a corporate event or large party worth thousands.

But when they get to your website and they’re ready to act by either coming into your business, or calling you for reservations…they can’t find any information about where your business is located or what your phone number is.

What do you think they do after very little time? Probably less than a minute to be exact….

That’s right! They’re gone, and on their way to finding your competition.

You MUST Make Sure That Your Contact Information Is Clearly In PLAIN Site!!

Here’s what you’ve got to do. You’ve got to figure out the main 2 ways of how someone is going to contact your business and make those two things not only prevalent on ALL pages of your website, but also in more than one spot on your website.

You DON’T want people having to work to find out how to contact you. The fact is that as soon as someone has to work to get in touch with you, they think “If it’s this much of a pain in the neck just to contact this business…how difficult will it be to deal with them?”

Of course you know where they go next right?

That’s right they go straight to your closest competition…especially if you’re a local business. They’ll go to the next website listed in Google’s local search, and if that business has prevalent contact information…then they get the business.

Your best bet is to have your phone number and address in the header, in the footer, and on the sidebar.

Of course it’s possible that you may not have the ability to add this info on your website. Heck your website may not even be being found…or worse yet…showing up in Google Search at all.

If you’d like to talk both about making your website convert better for gaining tons more customers, along with moving your website up the search rankings (especially Google)…then simply give us a call!!

We’d love to discuss your business and what we can do to help you!

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