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You may or may not have noticed that no longer do you have the option of simply building a website that will…on its own…attract customers and sells.

In fact, the competition online is much fiercer than on any medium that exists.

You need to be able to top the search engines. There are many reasons for this. The obvious would be the exposure of being ranked highly on the search engines when people search for the keywords for your niche and your business.

But there’s also the fact that when you’ve got that high ranking, and you’re getting free search engine traffic, you’re massively cutting down your advertising costs.

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Winning In Your Area’s Local Search Ranking

You need to put your business on the map, and we mean that quite literally.
Luckily for you, local search is one of the things that we do best.

As a small or even medium sized local business, your budget is often already stretched quite thin. Your advertising and marketing funds need to be invested wisely, and provide a positive return… or could significantly hurt your business.

Unfortunately you may be finding out the hard way that if you’re not visible online to your local community, and your competition is, then they likely don’t see you as competition at all. That’s how vital having a presence online is these days.

The objective of local SEO is to make it super simple for potential customers to find YOU. It basically means that when they search for a business in your area – in your industry niche –you show up as one of the first results that they see. How different would your business and monthly net profit be if your business was at the top of your target prospects searches everytime?

We can tell you that judging by the results our other clients have gotten…it would be significantly different.

We help you keep your business listings and map data constantly updated and perfectly accurate across each and every search engine.

How Working with ETS is Different

You’ll go through everything with you, helping us to completely understand your business, your business goals, your perceived target audience, and we’ll even explore a further and wider audience.

We’ll go to work finding the keywords in your niche that you want to rank for, and we’ll be open and honest with you about your expectations, about the competition that you’ll be facing, and a true timeframe that you can expect to rank.

We make sure that you are placed very highly in your local market area. We do this and keep your business ultra easy to find so that you can do what you do best…which is run your business and keep your customers happy.

You’ll also get recommendations of keywords and phrases that you could get rankings for faster while waiting for the tougher keywords to rank. We are honest about this, unlike many other companies that promise rankings that they cannot deliver.

At ETS, with time we can deliver stellar results. But it’s vital that you’re informed about reasonable and realistic expectations.

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Topping the Global Search Rankings…

Of course there’s a whole world out there. Your business may not be limited to just local customers.

Therefore we can help you identify your keywords, and put in to place our search engine optimization methods that make your website highly-visible… world-wide because of your top rankings.

If you’re ready to beat your competition, out rank them, and get tons of global traffic from your SEO rankings then it’s time to call us right away so that we can get started.

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